Saturday, March 16, 2019

We are the Plague, We are the Cure :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

We be the Plague, We are the Cure   Why is it that the fate of our province seems to be in a downward spiral of despair? It seems as if everywhere you turn, you are greeted with grim visages of violence and misery. What is this plague which afflicts our participation and has taken away the innocence and happiness of past generations? Our society is condemned to its current enjoin due to its individualistic desires. If man is the downfall of himself, then is he as well the plague of his society?   You might believe that only recently with the orgasm of the Internet are we pushing ourselves too far, but this is far from the truth. This bother has hung as a spectre over society since its origin. In coevals 3, we are first introduced to this plague on society. As Adam and eve wandered the Garden of Eden, they were tricked by the serpent into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. After denounce all three for their disobedience God commented that, the man has now get under ones skin like one of us, knowing good and evil. (Genesis 322) This plague continues to today. If you view about it, we are all becoming increasingly dependent on technology. In a recent work by Bill Joy, this imagination really hit home. To think that soon, People wont be able to skillful turn the machines off, because they will be so dependent on them that routine them off would amount to suicide. This is what our dependence will cause, and this dependence is cause by our desire to push ourselves harder than is necessary. (Joy 2) As you can see this problem began when society did, and will not end until society does also.   Technology and history are not the only fields in which societys plague are present, however. Recently, it seems as if every time you open the newspaper you are greeted with a announcement of breaking news on the Presidential election. For hundreds of years, this process seemed so simple. Of course, there we re quantify when societys little evil would spring up and try to do damage.

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