Friday, March 22, 2019

Educational Philosophy :: Education Teaching Teachers Essays

Educational Philosophy An educational philosophy is a conceptual framework of individualised and professional beliefs. Experiences two inside and outside of the classroom leave alter this philosophy. An educators philosophy is ever ever-changing and should be reviewed and rethought periodically. However, at this philosophies core some elements should never change. This paper will attempt to shed light on what I believe to be concrete elements of any advanced teachers philosophy. While study my personal thoughts and desires as to how I hope to achieve maximum learning. My personal strategy to develop self-motivated learners. Concord College prepares its education majors well. We be take hold been given a straight-laced foundation to fig upon. We have been taught the proper methods and theories. While given an opportunity to develop our skills through its direction internships and assignments. The Concord College Teacher Education programs goa l is to build informed thoughtful decision makers. This goal has been met. The importance of constantly reservation proactive, interactive, and retroactive decisions has registered with me. What is illuminated in my mind is the fact that teaching is both and art and a science. In this case the science is what I have coined as concrete elements of a good teachers philosophy. While the art is how I will manage to manipulate my personal teaching characteristics to the maximum well-being for students. The science or concrete elements of my philosophy is basically what all good teachers mustiness do. This is not should do, but must do. The first is to know their eccentric matter extensively. They must know general teaching strategies and search for or develop new teaching strategies. Teachers must use the appropriate manakin level and take in account the ability levels of a class. Teachers must be sensitive to each individual students culture, socio-economic le vel, gender, and ability level. For all of these items raise student learning and the classroom. Perhaps, the most important element is knowing how students learn. Teachers must have the ability to incorporate many different styles of lesson plans and keep all single student in mind when designing the plans.

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