Sunday, March 24, 2019

Are Looks Worth It? Essay -- Eating Disorders Anorexia Health Essays

Are Looks Worth It?I was recently glide path back from Parris Island, SC on a Greyhound bus when I observe a young girl around my age sitting near to the window across the isle she looked a lot like me, big and slim. I did not think anything of it because I have a actually libertine metabolism and I eat all the time save can not gain weight. Well we stopped to get viands and I noticed that she got stuff from McDonalds and was quietly eating her food. About decennary minutes after she got done she ran to the back of the bus and into the bathroom. As she was running back there I heard people shouting gwow she honorable had to smell the food to pukeh, or gthere are way too legion(predicate) anorexic girls now in the world.h As I was hearing those comments I really wanted to stand up for her, but then I just sat there and thought, what do people think of me when I am eating? I have been pegged as an anorexic soul my whole life. After awhile it actually starts to sound like a cover up when I tell people, no, I am not anorexic I just have a fast metabolism. A metabolism is all the chemical reactions in the body. When you have a fast metabolism, it is like your body is doing a bunch of exercises with out even moving, so your body burns all the fat the fat which makes you over weight. mess who are overweight and resort to an eating disorder have a hard time loving the person that they really are. There are more people in that Meredith2situation then you actually think. consort to Pirtle, a writer from Health magazine, gAccording to conservative estimates, eating disorders affect mingled with 5 million and 10 million young women in the unbuttoned States. This year, at least 50,000 individuals will die as a deport result of an eating disorder.h In my opinion if socie... ...ersity. 2 Dec 2003 http//search.epnet.comColino, Stacey. gFreaky young Eating Disorders.h Cosmopolitan 235.6 (Dec 2003) 150 -151 MasterFILE Premier. EBSCO host Camden- Carroll Libr ary Morehead State University. 2 Dec 2003. http//search.epnet.comgNews Briefs Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors Among Teenage Girls.h respectable weighting Journal 16.2 (Mar- Apr 2002) 18. FactSearch. Camden- Carroll Library Morehead State University. 2 Dec 2003OfDea, Jennifer. gThe New Self- entertain Approach for the Prevention of Body Image and Eating Problems in Children and Adolescents.h Healthy Weight Journal. 16.6 (Nov- Dec. 2002) 89-93 Fact Search. Camden- Carroll Library Morehead State University. 2 Dec 2003Pirtle, Jennifer. gMind eWhy Donft They undecomposed Eat?f.h Health 16.2 (Mar. 2002) 96+. Fact Search. Camden-Carroll Library Morehead State University. 2 Dec 2003.

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