Thursday, March 21, 2019

Mathematics Technology Lesson Plan :: essays research papers

NTeQ Lesson schemeProject Title Developing Time ManagementUnit field of study Statistics and Data CollectionGrade Level High School (9th-12th)Overview Students every last(predicate) everywhere the world seem to battle with time management. Many students atomic number 18 involved in extra-curricular activities, or they work while they attend school. Therefore, they non only shake the burden of the everyday school assignments, they have several(prenominal) responsibilities placeside of school itself. This project imparting allow students to communicate with students from early(a) tellecollaborating classrooms to discuss the issue of expectations versus time and create a project on their selective information. This project will provide the opportunity to research topics on how our lifestyles impress our health. Another important aspect of this project is to propose ideas for why we are so constricted by time and if our time constraints have changed over the years. The proj ect will take three weeks to complete and it will appeal content in mathematics, health, history, and language arts. The students will be responsible for growth their own questions in the survey they will conduct. The surveys will need to be word processed. They will survey a variety of people inquire fellow students how much time they spend various activities each day. The students will then classify the information into categories they feel are important. These categories can be discussed with the tellecollaborating classrooms for further input. Once they have collected sufficient data they will present the information on a spreadsheet through a computer program like Microsoft Excel. After analyzing the data the students will research the information they institute through resources such as the library and/or Internet. Once the students have gained sufficient knowledge from their research they will need to develop a paper/presentation on the effects of time constraints and ho w it has changed through out the years. They can begin by organizing their ideas using concept map software. In displaying the data the student will have the opportunity to develop a PowerPoint presentation.Objectives Students will be able toCollect data and present ideas that corroborate the data.Present the data in the form of a spreadsheet.Analyze data to support and draw conclusions.Classify information.Identify ways to collect information. present data and interpretation of data in a presentation.Expand their intellect of mathematics in real world settings.Understand and interpret graphs and charts.Benchmarks/ steps Patterns, Relationships and Functions(Strand I, Standard I, and Benchmark II)Analyze, interpret and translate among representations of patterns including tables, charts, graphs, matrices and vectors.Patterns, Relationships and Functions

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