Thursday, April 18, 2019

Racial stereotype of young black males which lead to their death by Term Paper

racial stereotype of early downcast males which lead to their death by shooting by people in authorities - Term Paper ExampleBlack males are the hottest target for racial compose, and thus, many young colour males have been victims of racial compose in the history of Africans in America.African-Americans have been victims of racial profiling since the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1850s. Why males of African descent face racial profiling in todays American society is not simply a matter of expression of pagan practices rather, it goes back to the convoluted race and gender histories reflecting transformations in social and political processes, resulting in oppression that occurred in conflicting ways, and generated a system of white oppression and racial profiling (Johnson & Stanford, 2002, p.207).After the slaves got integrated into the American society, the Americanization created a new tension. This made them lose their traditional customs and practices, and they lost th eir identities in the new world. Examples include Sean bell and Travon Martin, who became victims of police brutality. Travon Martin was the unarmed teenager allegedly killed by a neighborhood watch police chief while walking home from a store (Lee, 2012, para.1). Hence, racial profiling has become an American tradition, because black males have been targeted, shot, gunned down, punished, and tortured, just because of their race.Racial profiling is a social problem because it is giving disadvantage to black males in the community, which is a violation of human rights. If it continues, black males will have no place in the community, and they will go on suffering like inferior beings, becoming scapegoats for either crime and every illegal activity going on in the society. Supporters of racial profiling state that racial profiling is not an aspect of racism because, it explains that someone is more likely to be a criminal if his sort matches a particular race. However, even this d efinition has disadvantaged the blacks, since they have been

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