Saturday, April 20, 2019

International Intercultural Management Assignment - 1

International Intercultural Management - Assignment Example English is considered as business language and is also widely spoken and taught in schools.The country is known for its divers(a) and rich cultural heritage. Its culture is reflected in Saudi turn, cuisines, poetry and particularly grand architecture. The beautifully constructed mosques and topical anesthetic attractions exhibit the vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia.The dress code for women is strictly enforced by law. They atomic number 18 required to wear traditional abayas decorated with motifs, sequins and different designs, which cover their head and bodies completely. The loose and flowing clothes are also suited for hot and harsh Saudi climate. Traditionally, men often wear a thawb, a long shirt woven from wool or cotton, with a turban-like keffiyeh or a ghutra emaciated on the head. During winters, Saudi men wear a camel-hair cloak (bisht) over the traditional thawb.As per Islam, porc meat and alcohol is strictly nix in Saudi Arabia. One of the most favorite sustenance is kabsa, which is rice and meat. Other common cuisines include falafel, shawarma, ful medames, and grilled chicken served with Arabic bread called khubz. Drinking tea is a habit among Saudis and is preferred in all gatherings. It is served without milk with different herbal flavors.Zam Zam Water is miraculously generated wellhead in Mecca which has been quenching the thirst of millions of Muslims over centuries. It is of special significance to Muslims because, according to Islamic belief, this well gushed out when Hazrat Ibrahims infant son scrapped his feet against the ground while crying for pee. According to scientific research, Zam Zam water has an ability to satisfy both thirst and hunger because it has higher quantity of calcium, fluoride and magnesium.Music and theatre has been forbidden for three decades in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, it is becoming more available to

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