Monday, April 15, 2019

Macbeth - explain in an essay format how I would direct Act2, Scene1 Essay Example for Free

Macbeth explain in an essay format how I would direct Act2, Scene1 EssayI am now going to explain in an essay format how I would direct Act2, Scene1 and what I would change from how the play has been originally shown.If I was directing Act 2 Scene 1, I would want Macbeth to appear to the audience as if he is fissure under the pressure and for him to appear insane, unhappy and insecure. Macbeth acts different from when we head start saw him with Banquo, as now he is about to commit a crime of treason and kill his beloved King. This is very different from when we first gear saw him as he loved his King and he would die for him but now it is in reverse.This is important that the audience understand he is very different and not the same person payable to his greed for power. It is imperative that he is portrayed this way so the audience can discipline he is weaker and worse of especially as his married woman, Lady Macbeth has been pressuring him in to comp permiting his task of murdering King Duncan. If it was not for his wife then I do not think that Macbeth would demand gone through with it. This change in Macbeths character will hopefully have an affect on the audience so they can see how the three witches and his wife have affected him and his state of mind.Macbeth is realizing that he is weaker than he thought and that he is making a mistake, he doesnt want to commit the murder but his wife pushes and pressures him into killing his King. This shows the audience that at this time Lady Macbeth is stronger than Macbeth and in a better state of mind. He starts to imagine things and this is a constrict of him being insane, and mentally unstable.Is this a spikelet which I see before me,The handle toward my hand? Come, let meClutch thee. p. 43This speech is important in the understanding of Macbeths role in this scene. So I would want Macbeth to be sitting at the end of a table and to say this in such a way that the audience can see him turning menta lly insane. I would want him motto the sentence slowly and negatively, emphasising toward as if he is surprised about it, also holding a dagger infront of him looking at it up and down with eyes that look blurred feeling the blade. in any case I would want a low-angled shot showing him overcastting the camera to lend oneself that extra touch of madness during the first line.Then I would also have a close up of him holding the dagger to model his face and dagger in the same camera shot for the last two lines. To add to the strain of this speech there would be music playing in the background that would be farley heavy to give the impression of evil and what is about to happen. This will make the audience grasp his character and understand what he is going through at this time in the play.After this speech I would have had Macbeth go up the stairs with the dagger looking bedazzled and insane and then I would have him raise it preceding(prenominal) his head as he reached the top of the stairs. After he comes out of the room I would have him looking down at his hands ready to brake down and crumble at his knees. one time he reaches his room I would have him collapse onto the bed and lay there feeling guilty. Also when he looks at his hands I would have him start to shed tears to show that he is a wimp and insecure.

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