Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Disaster Rehabilitation Complex Essay Example for Free

Disaster Rehabilitation Complex EssayBamboo mark Building Construction MaterialFoldable emergency ho social functions through Bamboo Hybrid Building Construction Material. A revolutionary way of device where the bamboos be being combined with morphological Bolt Ball stain to act as struts (replacing the steel/aluminium material) and form as a structural joints to achieve perceptual constancy and flexibility. Together with Contex-T textile architecture, a fiber reinforced structural element that will act as the roofs and walls which provide good insulation, maximum flexibility in design and maximum mobility with a short construction period and Liter of Light soda bottle solar light, an innovative invention that will moment a soda bottle into a 50-60 watts light bulb during the day, which will be attached customarily to the bamboo struts in different areas of the foldable houses. -source Building with Bamboo by Gernot MinkeWHAT IS THE PROJECT ABOUT? DESCRIBE. (STATEMENT OF USE/FUNCTION AND tendency OF THE BUILDING BASED ON NBC)Filipino going Cross Disaster Rehabilitation Complex An liquidation and Rehabilitation Facility under, Group D Institutional (Government and Health Services) Division-1 No. 4 Principal use of The 2004 Revised IRR of P.D no. 1096 (as published by the DPWH), dedicated for the disaster and calamity victims, and also will proceed the new headquarters of Red Cross a development that will change the image of irregular and unorganized evacuation center on in the Philippines that aims to educate people in their condition during calamities while providing them a complete set of recreational, medical, educational, conventional and administration facilities dedicated for their fully rehabilitation directly from Philippine Red Cross, while eliminating the issue of politics and providing an immediate response during and after the calamity.A formal evacuation center in the Philippines that can cater a huge amount of evacuees while prov iding them comfort, care and medical aid and a comfortable emergency houses through Bamboo foldable houses, where a locally found bamboos are being modified and turn it into a unique hybrid construction material where it is incorporated with structural bolt steel and organic fiber reinforced textile material that can provide a recyclable, flexible, and a faster installation while reducing the cost and maintaining the stability and the proper standards for an emergency houses. view (OPTIONAL)Tent City of TaclobanMarcos Highway cor. Amang Rodriguez Ave., Barangay Dela Paz, Pasig City.TARGET USERSPRIMARYEvacuees and victims of disaster and calamitiesSECONDARYVolunteersDoctorsMedical StaffsTERTIARY People in needs of medical assistantSecurity personnelDonorsVisitorsNO. OF USERS (approximate no.) 100,000 FamiliesOWNER(S) OR CLIENT(S)Philippine Red CrossPROJECT OBJECTIVE(S) OF THE OWNER (WHY IS THERE A NEED FOR THE PROJECT?)1. To efface the image of the Philippines chaotic evacuation ce nter 2. To provide new Headquarters of Philippine Red cross that will become a center of their public service and donations 3. To educate and elevator the awareness of the people to the Emergencies, Calamities, and Disasters 4. To help people recover from their condition, in a faster service with a complete facility dedicated for them. 5. To reduce the health casualties occurring in the un-organized evacuation center.BUDGET/FINANCING systemThe amount of financial funds will be according to the donations collected by the Philippine subject Red Cross from the different organizations of the Government especially From Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and home(a) Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) and from private sectors and individual charitable donations.Structural3,000 per square meter electrical and telecoms1,000 per square meterSanitary 2,500 per square meterSprinkler1,000 per square meterMechanical1,500 per square meterarchitectural 5,000 per square meterEmergency houses550,000 (estimated cost of bunk houses of government)Note the cost of land acquisition for the set is not yet included in the above mentioned costing.

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