Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sexual Abuse as a Deviant Behavior Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sexual Abuse as a Deviant doings - Term Paper ExampleStronger laws should be in place for Sex Offenders because more women do non report sexual abuse afraid of revenge and further cruelty. Punishment as deterrence too raises sets of important questions to consider in arguing for punishment as restitution. It means that the state should be a imperative factor in the area of illegal law. The state should not passively await criminal exercise before it deals with those involved and its consequences (Groth 29). It should take some action to anticipate and preclude criminal activity before it manifests itself clearly (Serran et al 87). Those of critics who support restitution believe very strongly and will argue that the proper foci of the criminal law are the victims and others directly affected by the criminal act as well as the good of society in a practical (i.e., economic or institutional sense), rather than a moral sense. Consequently, critics are convinced that punishment s hould become operative as an select of damages to victims, other injured parties, and society in the person of its political institutions (Serran et al 51). To convince approximately people that deterrence is a way of increasing the total social good through punishment (rather than merely reducing the total social evil) since it benefits victims, injured parties, and political institutions, as well as the criminal, the punishable system, and the courts. Consequently, restitution is the most economical and ethical way in which the state can take positive action to secure human welfare (i.e., the benefits of social living) and avoid its opposite (Groth 65 Ward 41). Stricter laws should be imposed on sex offenders because the authorities cannot control their lives and actions after the release. Oklahoma state Rep. Lucky Lamons says it forces many offenders to live in rural areas where they are difficult for authorities to monitor... Also, he says, it does not differentiate amid r eal predators and the type of men he recalls arresting for urinating in public, a sex offense in Oklahoma (Koch 2007).

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