Sunday, May 5, 2019

Qualitative Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

qualitative Research - Essay ExampleFor example, a proponent could ask the respondent on the idea of whether a set price, placement or promotion for a new health and energy beverage energy be effective or not. In-depth interview is mostwhat advantageous because it seeks not only to get the picture of the interviewee, save the interviewers understanding of the interviewee, even if the said qualitative tool is expensive and does not accommodate generalization to larger populations (Stacks, 2010).Another qualitative tool is the focus group. This is a qualitative tool that focuses on certain issue, which provides a great ability to come up with data that is focused on the chosen topic, but it could also comfortably limit the responses of the respondents in order to ensure efficiency at some point (Hatch, 2010). Focus group as a qualitative tool can definitely back up unravel ideas, concerning for instance the price, placement and promotion for a new health and energy beverage.Thr eaded watchword that may span for weeks might be a remarkable qualitative tool because it solicits feedbacks and critical ideas, but understanding its patterns is critical on the part of the target audience and the facilitator by which the failure to meet such requirement could lead to a failed discussion (Tomei, 2008).There is a great concern on how to straighten out the role of researcher and the respondent. In fact, this is one of the great ethical issues in qualitative research. The researchers may substantially instituted a bias on the subject at hand due to lack of objectivity, such as one observed in the quantitative research orientation.The second great ethical issue is on how the researchers might ensure respect for privacy of the chosen respondents. Considering that there might be inclusion of in-depth interviews that may broaden the topic, the researchers might end up asking questions that at some point might be able to violate

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