Thursday, November 21, 2019

Issues In Media Ethics Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Issues In Media Ethics - Annotated Bibliography Example Crook shows that the direct impact of media on the public’s perceptions led to the formulation of principles, which govern the relationship between media content and the public. Now, we can objectively comprehend the significance of media ethics in national and global communication. Jacobs argues that media ethics describes the social and economical behavioral standards meant to depict the morally acceptable media practices within any given social setting. He maintains that media channels, which include the internet, television or motion pictures, are expected to adhere to the ethical guidelines in the pursuit of their economic objectives. Media ethics is concerned with the morality levels of the media content within a society. He points out that the consumers with admiration for their societal and educational values should consume the materials, and scenes contained in internet photos as well as motion pictures comfortably. Rich substantiates his argument by giving the example of the aspect of nudity in internet pictures may not be within the acceptance by the social principles of a certain community, especially in the context of the children consumers. Therefore, the media content ought to remain within the boundaries of the social and cultural principles of the subject society. Smith in this book talks about how media ethics is often applicable in the journalism profession. He shows that journalism ethics are clearly defined to regulate the profession’s practices. The book mentions that some of the areas accumulated within the boundaries of journalism ethics include the public interests, manipulation and media content preference. Public interests refer to the expected ideal media content by the public. The depiction of the unexpected media content falls contrarily to the public interests thus constituting a gap of ethical principle.

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