Monday, September 2, 2019

Chapter 2, -The Great Gatsby- -Dying society- Essay -- English Liter

Chapter 2, -The Great Gatsby- -Dying society- Fitzgerald presents in this novel upper-class people, who live in the world of dreams. He tries to describe the life of milliners, who spends enormous amount of money on drugs, parties, alcohol and other luxury things. In this chapter the writer clearly shows us that America in 20th was dying, there was no truth, no love and no real relationships, and everything was based on how much money each American had. All America had just people who were obsessed with appearance.  «a small living room with a set of tapestried furniture entirely large for it » Even this description of a flat where the party goes on is a significance of a bad taste and showing off. What people could see is only glamorous dresses and costumes. The business which was attractive to anyone was gangster business. It was nearly admirable. America wanted quick money to be made. â€Å"Most of these fellas will cheat on you every time. All they think of is money† Fitzgerald used an oxymoron in his play to show that the country on its surface is growing but in the heart of it is dying, which he calls: â€Å"a valley of ashes, a desolate area of land†. Also the writer suggested that America is leaving without any colour, people houses gardens relationships are under nasty, coverless surface† a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens†. The writer gave very specific image to all his characters, they were full of energy, but this energy didn’t suppose to last for a long time. People in the novel are described as: faintly handsome/ beautiful, spiritless anaemic with an ambitious character. Most of them behave as children, they are hedonists. They only thin... or not. The main idea of gossiping was to seem that you know more and therefore people will communicate with you more than with others. â€Å"Well, they say he’s (Gatsby) a nephew or a cousin of Kaiser Wilhelm. That’s where all his money comes from†. The relationships between people were very strange. Either very cold to each other or people just didn’t go so deep into person to know him better. The idea of dying society was presented by Fitzgerald in a way that people were careless with each other, with themselves and of course with the country which they were destroying absolutely. The society didn’t have any moral points in life. Those party’s at Gatsby’s house were just a surface of life were Fitzwilliam shows his own antipathy towards America in 20th. America was like a huge tree which didn’t have enough water and was losing its colours and leaves.

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