Saturday, August 24, 2019

What does the bible mean to me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

What does the bible mean to me - Essay Example The word â€Å"Bible† comes from Greek and can be translated as a â€Å"book†. Though Bible consists of more than seventy books, which have been written in different times and by different authors using various genres, literary styles and even languages, they all are perceived as one united and undivided continuous text that recreates life experience, moral norms and sources of human wisdom. People who have not read this book can not consider themselves as educated. However, I am confident that everyday the number of such people decreases constantly. Being written by inspired people, Bible is not merely work of fiction, but it is the greatest book of human history that contains magnificent and philosophic studies about our world, inhabitants, and eternal morality along with spiritual values. Urgency of this book is undisputed, because with its help we are able to find answers and explanations of such notions as life and death, fate and human soul, good and evil and others. Bible teaches us how to live, what we should do, what things should be unacceptable in our conscience, what kind of people we must strive to become and which negative traits of our characters ought to be changed. Bible gives us a great hope for bright and serene future persuading to believe in a life after death and Heavens. Reading this Holy Book, I comprehend that person can insure calm and happy life only with a help of conceiving thoughts and apprenticeships of Jesus Christ who persistently invites to open our hearts for God that manages to touch the most remote depths of human soul. Bible makes us believe that God is real. Every person is given life to prepare own self for eternal life on the Heavens. Bible propagandizes ethical and esthetical experience of humanity. All disappointed people refer to this book and keep on searching for the point of life that lies in religion. Hence, our trust in God helps us to live dignified lives on the Earth before being

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