Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Social Concept in Terms of Culture and Norms Research Paper

The Social Concept in Terms of Culture and Norms - Research Paper Example To begin with, it is imperative to define the exact nature and importance of these strategies in the context of the concert hall. Interpretive strategies spring from that aspect of a field’s study which seeks to define the same in the context of an individual’s life and link the same with various factors at a regional, international and global level. (Norberg - Schulz,1996; P 414 – 428) The role of an interpretive strategy in the case of the two concert halls discussed here is to bring out a variety of features in the structural implications of the building. These features have been further discussed below. One of the major features of an interpretive strategy lies in its ability to transform a space and transport an individual to a place beyond the structure where the building and the individual in question are in perfect tandem as far as everyday activities and a sense of drama in this everyday life are concerned. This has been termed as Hermeneutics. (Hale, 20 00; P 213 – 233) On a more technical grid, the term hermeneutics adheres to the play of a person’s sense of aesthetics when regarding the two concert halls discussed in this paper. The finer point shows that the hermeneutic tradition helps create a platform where a person may experience the concert hall as an extension of his or her daily living. This is an important point made by the term ‘modern aesthetics’, which cater to more than a marriage of fine art and engineering for positive structural implications in the concert hall.

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