Monday, October 28, 2019

Two Factors Theory Essay Example for Free

Two Factors Theory Essay The organization in question has been completely evaluated based upon Herzberg’s motivational theory the results were astounding.   According to Herzberg’s theory much of the dissatisfaction in the environment can be eliminated with regular care and maintenance.   The company policies and procedures are weak; therefore, employees do not feel the practices implemented communicate the company’s vision and expectations in a solid manner.   The quality of supervision is low, as our leadership staff has not been fully trained to support the company vision.    As a result of poor supervision and weak company policy, employees feel they are unable to develop a working relationship with their direct superiors. Keeping the above in mind as well as the physical surroundings, working conditions can be improved so that employees feel they are working in a supportive and safe environment.   Salaries are low, compared to our competition and need to be increased in order to obtain quality employees.   The result of the conditions described above, it is almost impossible for employees to develop relationships with their peers. In order to properly function as a company we must satisfy our employees’ needs by not only improving the conditions listed above, but also implementing several motivators.  Ã‚   Employees must feel a sense of achievement daily, as well as receive recognition for their hard work.   Implementing something as an employee of the month program and having some type of goal setting for performance will give the staff a way to measure their productivity and feel recognized for their efforts. Employees must also enjoy their work and many are unable to do so due to lack of training and poor supervision. Our employees also feel that there is no room for advancement and personal growth within the company. Implementing a training program for new employees as well as our long-term employees will improve morale.   The new employee training program will ensure that staff is given the right tools to perform their duties and the proper training to perform them efficiently. Training programs for the long-term employees will open the doors for advancement.   Through effective employee training programs we will be able to accurately measure performance, improve morale within the teams, develop positive working relationships between team members and provide various opportunities to our staff. References Stroh, Linda K. (2002).   Organizational Behavior:   A Management Challenge. Mahwah, NJ, USA:   Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Incorporated.

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