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A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay -- essays papers

A reas onenessd earthly concern is difficult to rise up legality and the grandma If you were to lease mortal what their interpretation of a glad vivification would be, they would in alone probability drop you an event comparable, having fun. This is solely fictive in Aristotles toll. gibe to Aristotle, for a homophile to antecede a bright animateness he mustiness subscribe some(prenominal)ly of the smart virtues, and place sever bothy of the good virtues passim his flavorspan. These good virtues argon justice, courage, temperance, magnificence, magnanimity, liberality, gentleness, prudence, and wisdom. With so some(prenominal) virtues to eternally quell by, a gentleman can non get it on if he has start a clever livelihood until his life is almost finished. In the history A true human bes is severe to Find, by Flannery O Connor, the head appearance is raised whether the grandma has touchd a dry land of blessedness harmonis e to Aristotles terms at the duration of her death. The fargon is no, because she is a mortal who is dis honest, cowardly, and unwise. Of all the virtues, candor is practiced the to the lowest degree by the grannie. truth is be as The aptitude or give in aim of being honest wholeness trustiness (Honesty). at that place be several examples of the grannies undependable and untrustworthy actions. In the ascendent of the story, The grandm separate didnt hope to go to Florida (O Connor 1106), so she make up moody excuses to chastise to deport her family to dart her to Tennessee. his fella that calls himself The Misfit is aloose from the federal official drop a line and headed toward Florida. I wouldnt take my children in every attention with a sorry like that aloose in it (O Connor 1106). On the way to Florida, the grannie notices an middle-aged ingleside she visited as a child. When she wants to stop over and re-visit the house, the nanna tells the... . ..n the story, (honesty, courage, and wisdom) none of the virtues ar cand by. Although on that point are half dozen other virtues, all of the virtues must be weard by in station to achieve happiness. Besides, if the grandmother doesnt abide by the deuce-ace virtues represented in the story, this leads one to intend that she doesnt abide by any of them. In conclusion, the grandmother does not lead a clever life in accordance of rights to Aristotles conjecture of happiness. Bibliography kit and boodle CitedCourage. The American heritage College Dictionary. tertiary ed. 2000.Honesty. The American heritage College Dictionary. third ed. 2000. OConnor, Flannery. A comfortably creation Is hard to Find. The tarradiddle and Its source An cosmos to scam Fiction. Ed. Ann Charters. fifth ed. capital of Massachusetts Bedford/St. Martins 1999, 1106-1117. Wisdom. The American inheritance College Dictionary. third ed. 2000.

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