Monday, June 17, 2019

Disability and its impact on the individdual and Society Essay

Disability and its impact on the individdual and Society - Essay Example commonwealth with disabilities face a lot of challenges in the society today. They argon restricted in doing things that the society expects out of them. Individuals with disabilities are restricted in different handle of life. Disability brings changes to a persons lifestyle one kindle acquire a disability through different way which whitethorn include heredity, antenatal and localise natal factors. It may affect an individual either physically, emotionally and psychological. People with disability are feel less previledeged in life( Smart 23). A disability affects how an individual is viewed by the society, his friends and family. A disabled person may find it hard to communicate and socialize with other mess. This notion affects the deaf, blind and people with sevenfold disabilities for instance the deaf blind . This is because they consider a limitation in one or two areas thus need assistance from the society. The experience discrimination during employement due to there inability to participate incertain activities. They are also highly neglected as they are a minority in the society. sensory(a) impairement Sensory impairment is a condition whereby one or two of the senses in an individual fail to work. This may include smell, sight, touch, hearing and spartial . This disability can be divided into three sections. These are the hearing impared, the visually impaired and the deaf blind . visual impairment involves the inability to see . It is also are categorized into three sections.The low vision is one of the categories. This involve people who have a vision but use it for primary sensory control. The irregular category is the functionally blind. These are people who have a vision but use it for functional purposes. Finaly, there is tally blindness. This involve people who have a limited ability to see thus learn and need assistance( Smart 55). They read and write use t ranscribe translation and software and equipment, Braille printer, output computers, screen reader, software , type and sceen enlargement. Deafblindness is the inability of seeng and hearing. It is a combination of hearing and seeing defisiencies. Hearing impairement occurs when the hearing sense is affected. One may mount it from birth or later in life. It is most commonly caused by loud noise as well as old age. The society renders various services to the blind, deafblind and the hearing impaired which enables them to overcome their challenges and live a normal life . These forms of disabilities can affect an individuals social and working life . The affect persons may fail to converse with the other people e peculiar(prenominal)ly if they do not know the language of the deaf and of the blind. They may also experience problems with getting to work, they may also have problems with issues partaing to relationships. Most of these people have feelings of anger,depressed and frustrat ed low confidence and difficulty in concentration . Their family members and friends can give them support at home. At their work place they can get assistance from employment advisers, employment rights and support from fellow employees. There are special equipment and a special language that they use for instance the braille and sign language which help them to blend with other people in the society. Though the blind and deaf people face a lot of

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